Assignment #3

For this assignment I had a bit of writer’s block combined with not planning ahead for fabrication resources.

I was drawn to some of my previous acrylic layer artwork for this week’s assignment. This is an example I did for a Nier Automata character using a laser cutter and colored acrylic sheets.

I was thinking about creating character stand ups. I would make them by cutting out the figure and bonding the detailed layers to the form. Then create a stand like some old board games have. The stand I would design would illuminate the character from below.

While I would not end up doing this for my final. I do enjoy working in this medium and would like to continue doing some experiments and character rendering using this technique.

The challenge would be to use a character and pose that compliments transparent layers. I’ve learned about some techniques like sanding and polishing that opens some new doors for doors for me.

Sculpt a Toy

Homework #2 asked us to sculpt our character design. I decided to use modeling clay to render my character. I didn’t capture many in process photos because my hands were messy with the clay residue.

I used this skeleton to measure out my wire skeleton in proportion.

I then used foil to wrap most of the body to give it an instant shape.
Clay was added to block in the figure.

A variety of sculpting tools were used. It was pretty hard using the tools. I’m not sure if I used them properly some of the time, but good ol’ finger forming seem to be very familiar to me.

The yo-yo weapon looks like a macaroon.

In the end, the pose looks okay. I will choose a different pose for future assignments. I will aim to make it more dynamic and more in line to the character I envision.

Art Toy Design – Assignment #1

Modern Pinay Protagonist – The turnaround assignment.

I decided to go with a rough character design of a young girl who fights with a yo-yo. Inspired by Filipino culture.


A Message – Wooden Blank Assignment

Against better judgement and time, I decided to create a series of characters whose fates are directly related. I used watercolor paint on the wooden dolls and platform. I used a drill to bore into them and a all purpose glue to adhere them to the platform.


As of now, I am waiting for the glue to try so I can complete the last part of it.