Splitter Glove – MIDI Controller (in progress)

The second project for Tangible Interactions was to create a MIDI controller.
I was in NIME last semester and created a final project which was a MIDI controller. The controls were very much intangible, which I partially addressed somewhat in its design. However the controller had a bit more to go to reach my final vision. I wanted to move beyond the limits of the technical flashlights and LEDs I initially used to play it.

My goal was to add tangible elements to the controller’s interface by using wearable lights and a physical control for the blinking and on/off functionality. The MIDI notes are triggered when light hits the sensor and off when the light level falls below a threshold value. By being able to control the blink rate with a potentiometer, I added a tangible element to an intangible interface.

There are more thing I could modify to increase the preciseness of the controller.  But I have to consider how I want it the experience to evolve.