Social Wearables Post #1

Intro to making social wearables. For the first in class assignment we were tasked with making high five gloves. The purpose of this assignment was to get familiar with working with soft circuits.

My design is based on the example Kate showed us. For the conductive pads I decided to use polygons because I liked the idea of adding sharp edges to pliable materials. I have some sewing experience in the form of patching holes in fabric. It’s definitely a useful skill to have in life.

I created a cross design so the circuit could be closed easily from many angles. I didn’t want to use a big square as a switch and a part of the fun is playing with shapes while still getting the gloves to work.

My stitching was messier than I would have liked and one of the threads broke. But otherwise I thought it was successful.

The group project to create a social wearable for a different object was also engaging. We came up with a fist bump knuckles. The function is essentially the same, but the interaction involved connecting fists. I felt these required more attention as fists are more easily rotated so the conductive pads needs to account for that.