Serial Communication Labs 10/22/16

I first worked on the Async serial communication lab. This went fairly well. I didn’t use the accelerometer because I haven’t soldered the contacts yet. Instead I used 2 variable resistors as seen in the pic.



I then tried my first attempt at P5 and it was a mess. I tried following along with the directions, but the index.html file didn’t have the line that was referenced. “script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”libraries/p5.js”></script”.

I ended up pasting both lines in it. The add file function doesn’t seem to work for me so after a blank file was added, I pasted the contents of the p5.serialport.js inside it.

At some point I was able to find out my serial port name but I can’t seem to open it properly at this point. I am showing the error below. I’ll need to ask for help getting this running.